What makes R-Tek unique?

We work hard to work on the key elements below to ensure we stay at the cutting edge


After being nominated and winning numerous awards our hard work is reaping the rewards. Our aim is always excellence and we are being recognised for it.


We believe that there is no substitute for hard work and our ever increasing work force is a prime example of this. As our company grows as does our trained work force.


The R-Tek sales staff and project managers work with our clients throughout the world to ensure every job is finished to the highest quality with our quality products.


The R-Tile ranges have been used everywhere from Australia to South America. We have worked with architects, shop fitters, and major brand representatives to help bring the R-Tile to a global audience.


Our investment on our research and development team has paid major dividends for us. It would be easy to sit back and admire our great product, why not push forward and make it even better!


We see technology as the future and are always working to ensure we have the latest advancements that can help build R-Tek into an even better company.

Research & Design

R-Tek specialise not only in the manufacture of the R-Tile product range but also has a strong R&D team that have developed a number of innovative new products to include the companies modern and more robust interlock textured dove tail tile along with a market leader hidden join slate tile and more recently the patented design tile which is a revolutionary new product to the market.


R-Tek manufacture in house the R-Tile range of interlocking floor tiles utilising 12 state of the art moulding machines and operates 24 hours, 5 days a week.

Environmental Credentials

All materials utilised to produce the R-Tile product range are REACH compliant.

The R-Tile product range are rated A+ according to BREEM standards.

R-Tek also operates strictly in accordance of environmental standards ISO 14001-2004 whereby all waste is 100% recycled and includes all reject tiles etc. which are granulated and reprocessed back to produce new black tiles. Financial R-Tek has an annual turnover of £4.2 million with successful market presence in all European countries, USA and Australia. Our company registration number is NI073264 and the last 3 years accounts are available from companies house.


R-Tek operates to ISO 9001 standards and has built a reputation on supplying high-quality products backed up with an excellent network of distribution which has allowed the company to become Europe’s market leader for interlocking floor tiles.

All products are produced in accordance with CE 14041:2004 and the product range is accredited to meet all relevant UK and European standards.